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Created on 2009-07-15 23:57:24 (#426524), last updated 2009-07-15 (430 weeks ago)

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Birthdate:May 5
Location:United States of America
Age statement:I am over 18 and therefore am allowed to view adult content on LJ.
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Lilypie Expecting a baby Ticker

Politics:I'm married and have a child. Despite this traditional behavior, I've managed to keep childfree people on my friend list because I don't believe that having a child is necessary or even recommended for most of the population (including me, some days). I'm also vastly open-minded about the kinds of relationships people get themselves into. Poly-lesbian? Great.

I'm also odd because I don't care about your political orientation. I operate under the assumption that good people exist within many ideologies. Same goes for religion.
School:PhD student squick warning. If you don't like hearing about the vicissitudes of getting one's PhD, then this journal is not for you.
Fandom:I like being involved in fandom. I've written LOTrips. I'm currently writing Prince of Tennis. My other fandom interests include Whedonverse, X Men movies, Pern, Elfquest, Ai Yazawa, Honey and Clover, Farscape, recent few seasons of Dr. Who, and the Ocean movies. I'm sure I'll think up more...

I have a website with archived LOTrips. I also have a Prince of Tennis fic journal.

My dissertation topic is probably going to involve Prince of Tennis online RPGs.
Trivia (and not-so-trivial):+ I was the founder of [community profile] kittypix and moderated it for two years until I gave it up. Reason: cat owners are craaaaazy.

+ I currently maintain [personal profile] tolkien and [profile] highlandertales..

+ This is my sixth year on LiveJournal. My original journal was [profile] weetanya before I grew up and stopped being wee.

+ I'm currently using the "Quite Lickable" layout with a banner created by [personal profile] nozomi_chan based on artwork by Aiki Ren, scanned in by todokanai.

+ Sometimes I use a Prince of Tennis layout with artwork by Kashipna.

+ My husband ([profile] wuxiadaddy) and child ([profile] poca_alba) have journals.
Friending:My friending post is here.

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